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Business Law Articles

Business Law Articles

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06/01/2006 - Liquidated Damages in Employee Non-compete
Maryland Court refuses to enforce liquidated damages provision of non-compete
05/09/2006 - Non-Conforming Use-Expansion versus intensification
Maryland's Court of Appeals clarifies the difference between expansion and intensification of non-conforming use of real property
05/01/2006 - FMLA-Challenges to medical certification
One basis for requesting leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) is the employee’s own “serious health condition” that renders them unable to perform the functions of the job.
02/01/2006 - Arbitration: Not Necessarily A Better Option Than Litigation
Is arbitration a better option than litigation?
01/31/2006 - Commercial lease termination
A tenant who admittedly failed to give timely notice of an option for lease extension on a commercial lease lost the option.
01/29/2006 - Spam
Maryland Court Supports Assault on Spam
01/24/2006 - Home improvement
All persons selling or performing home improvements in the State of Maryland are required to obtain licensure through the Maryland Home Improvement Commission, a department of the Department of Labor Licensing and Regulation.
01/06/2006 - Fair Value - Determining the value of a limited partnership interest
Maryland's Court of Special Appeals held that 'fair value', for the purposes of determining limited partners' interests on withdrawal equals a proportionate share of the value of the limited partnership as a going concern, without discount.
01/01/2006 - A Document Retention Policy Can Save Time And Money
In the office, some people are pack rats and cling to every scrap of paper that comes their way. Others pitch everything without giving it so much as a second thought.
12/31/2005 - New years resolutions for the health of your business
"this year I’m going to ..."
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Arbitration in employment agreements; and beyond
Under Maryland law, arbitration provisions in employment contracts are enforceable, as long as they comply with Maryland contract law principles.
Employment Law Update-Maryland Legislative Session
Maryland’s 2013 legislative session ended on April 8, 2013. Several pieces of employment related legislation were passed by the House and the Senate and are now awaiting the Governor’s signature to be signed into law.
An Employers Liability for Payroll Company’s Failure to Remit Taxes
Accupay was not the first, nor will it likely be the last, payroll company to create tax problems for its clients
Employee privacy: waiver of spousal privilege on employer systems
Employees should be cautioned when using computer systems belonging to an employer to communicate information that the employee considers privileged communications
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