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News from BTLG:

Charging orders for LLC membership interests
Membership interests in a limited liability company may be attached to satisfy debts to creditors by way of court order.
Wage requirements - Walsh-Healey Public Contracts Act
The Walsh-Healey Public Contracts Act applies to all contractors who enter into contracts with the United States Government for the manufacturing or furnishing of materials, supplies, articles, or equipment in excesses of $10,000.
Who Owns Social Media Accounts Used by Employees for Business Purposes?
A new line of cases regarding ownership of social media accounts created for business use are arising in the court system.
John Doe Copyright Infringement Lawsuits
Depending on the federal court from which the subpoena was issued, you may be able to file a motion to sever yourself and to quash the subpoena without having to provide your name or address to the plaintiff.
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