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When we ask for everything, we mean everything
Clients and lawyers must work together as a team during all phases of the litigation process, but client participation and cooperation is particularly important during the discovery phase to ensure that all information is properly and fully disclosed.
Fiduciary duties: What duty do you owe?
A fiduciary duty is an obligation to act in the best interest of, and for the benefit of, another. The duties owed by those standing in a fiduciary relationship with a business entity differ depending on the entity classification.
Wage requirements - McNamara-O'Hara Service Contract Act
All contractors and subcontractors performing services under contracts to which the Act applies must observe certain standards, including the minimum wage and fringe benefit amounts set forth by the Department of Labor.
Charging orders for LLC membership interests
Membership interests in a limited liability company may be attached to satisfy debts to creditors by way of court order.
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