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News from BTLG:

Individual Liability Under the Maryland Wage Payment and Collection Law
An expanded definition of ‘employer’ under the MWPCL may cause officers, directors, stockholders and supervisors who have a high level of financial control over a company to be held liable for the failure of the entity to pay its employees.
How Tax Filing Deficiencies Affect Your Business’ Ability to Judicially Enforce its Rights: A specific look at Corporations and Limited Liability Companies
Failure to file personal property tax returns amy result in forfeiture of corporate charter and an inability to use the Maryland court system
Post Judgment Enforcement: options and costs
The clerk has entered your judgment, the debtor has not filed an appeal, and the 10 day automatic stay of enforcement period is over. Now you are faced with a new problem: the debtor won’t pay.
Waiver and release of future negligence: exculpatory and indemnification clauses
The Court of Special Appeals held that a written advance release signed on behalf of a minor was not enforceable to waive future negligence; setting law as to minors, but reaffirming the general enforceability of these types of contractual provisions.
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