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News from BTLG:

Waiver and release of future negligence: exculpatory and indemnification clauses
The Court of Special Appeals held that a written advance release signed on behalf of a minor was not enforceable to waive future negligence; setting law as to minors, but reaffirming the general enforceability of these types of contractual provisions.
Litigation Hold: When is Litigation Reasonably Anticipated?
The duty to produce information covers relevant information that may not (yet) have been explicitly requested. In order for a party to fulfill its obligation to produce evidence, the party must first have fulfilled its obligation to preserve evidence.
Arbitration: scope and enforcement of “any dispute arising out of, or related to,”
Maryland courts favor the use of arbitration as a method of dispute resolution and have consistently held when an arbitration agreement is “clear and precise,” any controversy arising out of the agreement shall be settled by arbitration
Fiduciary duties: Corporate Opportunities
While managing members of LLCs owe a common law fiduciary duty to the LLC and other members, not all business opportunities are automatically attributable to the LLC as "corporate" opportunities
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