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News from BTLG:

Cybersquatting out of business
The Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act ("ACPA"), provides remedies for mark owners to secure domain name registrations.
MD Wage Claim 4th Cir Case-Unearned Commissions
In its opinion published November 16, 2007, the United States Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals in Meson V. GATX Technology Serv. Co. declined to apply the prevention doctrine to award unearned commissions to a terminated employee.
Unemployment primer
Basics of Maryland Unemployment Benefits
FMLA waivers
Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals strikes down employee waivers of FMLA claims
Costs of Employee Litigation
The case of EEOC v. Lehigh Cement Co. highlights the costs of employer-employee litigation and the need, not only for appropriate best practices, but actual implementation of those practices to mitigate employer risk.
Safeguarding Your Company When Employees Exit
Whether you are a new or established business, you may want to consider taking a number of customary actions when your employees terminate employment
Non-compete assignment
Maryland trial court enforces employment covenant as asset of surviving company
Damages recoverable in summary ejectment
On June 29, 2006, Maryland's Court of Special Appeals in Law Offices of Taiwo Agbaje, P.C. v. JLH Properties, II, LLC, issued an opinion holding that a landlord could not recover attorneys fees as additional rent in a summary ejectment action.
The Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA) protects service members from termination of employment, discrimination, retaliation, and loss of benefits based upon their status and service obligations.
Liquidated Damages in Employee Non-compete
Maryland Court refuses to enforce liquidated damages provision of non-compete