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Verdicts and Settlements

Some of Our Clients' Litigation Success

Plaintiff representation

Anonymous v. Anonymous
(Confidential settlement)
Amount: $475,000
Shareholder litigation
Fries v. Zierdt
Fries v. Zierdt
Circuit Court for Montgomery County
Case Number 358995V
Verdict: $95,000
Date: 12/21/12
Two day bench trial
Breach of contract action regarding sale of small business
Anonymous v. Anonymous
Anonymous v. Anonymous
(Confidential settlement)
Amount $150,000
Sex discrimination
Sensabaugh v. Panacea Pharmaceuticals
United States District Court for the District of Maryland
Case Number 11-cv-00500-WMN
Verdict: principal amount of $111,500.00; liquidated damages pursuant to the Fair Labor Standards Act, of $74,705.00, and attorneys fees of $36,795.00
Date: 12/8/11
Summary judgment on Fair Labor Standards Act claim for unpaid wages
Anonymous v. Anonymous
(Confidential settlement)
United States District Court
Amount: $1,000,000
Date: 2011
Shareholder litigation
Mi Kyung Kim v. Sang Chul Lim
Circuit Court for Howard County
Case Number 13-C-10-84909
Preliminary Injunction
Date: 12/22/10
Through the grant of a preliminary injunction, after a half-day evidentiary hearing, client was able to regain control of their restaurant in stockholder litigation
Anonymous v. Anonymous
(Confidential settlement)
Amount: $500,000
Date: 2010
Racial discrimination
Metro Nursing Services LLC v. Helpmate Nursing et al.
Circuit Court for Prince George's County
Case Number CAL06-18884
Verdict: $132,076.35
Date: 11/27/07
One day bench trial
Conversion, breach of fiduciary duty and other torts against former employee
Anonymous v. Anonymous
(Confidential settlement)
Amount: $120,000
Date: 2007
Sexual harassment 
Bevard Farm Corporation v. Shangrila Limited Partnership
Circuit Court for Howard County
Case Number 13C02053794
Verdict: $340,017.53
Date: 1/10/03
Summary judgment
Obtained judgment and recovered payment in full of judgment for a landlord from a commercial tenant who had willfully terminated its lease and vacated the premises. Decision affirmed on appeal
Preceded by: 
Shangrila Limited Partnership v. Bevard Farm Corporation
Circuit Court for Howard County
Case Number 13C00044704
Verdict: @$12,000
Date: 2000
One day jury trial confirming real estates and other charges properly charged by landlord to tenant.  Verdict affirmed on appeal
Catonsville Bakery & Delicatessen Inc, et al vs Hartford Insurance Group
Circuit Court for Baltimore County
Case Number 03C00006724
Verdict: $80,000
Date: 3/8/02
Breach of contract and torts related to insurance coverage.  Verdict rendered after three day jury trial but reversed JNOV.


Defendant representation

Turbohaul Inc. v. AB Construction Inc., et al.
Turbohaul Inc. v. AB Construction Inc., et al.
Circuit Court for Charles County
Case number 08C11002541
Verdict: $0
Date: 11/21/14
Six day bench trial
Plaintiff sought $3 Million in compensatory damages, and an additional unspecified amount in punitive damages, on breach of contract and various theories for failure to award a subcontract on a Maryland government contract.  Plaintiff also sought sanctions for discovery violations and spoliation; the Court denied sanctions. 
Wings To Go, Inc vs Kapoor's Corporation, et al
Circuit Court for Howard County
Case Number 13C14100757
Preliminary Injunction denied
Date: 10/14/14
Franchisor sought preliminary injunction against former franchisee seeking to terminate client's business 
Patuxent Technology Partners LLC v. Verizon Network Integration Corp. et al.
Circuit Court for Howard County
Case Number 13C03054350
Stipulated dismissal
Date: 4/22/05
Defended and successfully resolved $60M+ litigation between competing information technology companies
Milvets v. Z Systems
Circuit Court for Prince George's County
Case Number CAL02-25085
Dismissal with prejudice
Date: 1/22/04
Litigation between federal contractors involving various business torts related to contract award to successor company


Every case is different.  Our past experience with some clients should not be considered, nor is it offered as, a guarantee of future results.


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On May 25, 2018, the EU's General Data Protection Regulation goes in to effect, regulating any business that collects or processes the personal data of EU residents
Maryland Healthy Working Families Act
Beginning on February 11, 2018, employers employing fifteen (15) or more employees will be required to provide paid Sick and Safe Leave to their employees. Smaller employers will be required to provide unpaid leave.
BTLG Attorneys Obtain Jury Verdict in Excess of $2.3M
BTLG attorneys obtained a verdict on November 9, 2017 for a BTLG client in excess of $2.3M after an eight-day jury trial
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BTLG attorneys assisted client Optivor Technologies LLC in its acquisition of Advanced Communications Solutions Inc.
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